About sermo.wire

sermo.wire is a news service delivering premium content focused on innovation and sustainability.

It is presented by sermo.farm - The Strategic Storytelling™ company.

About sermo.farm

The Strategic Storytelling™ company.

We help you tell your story™.

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  • sermo.strategy™ – Build a roadmap to success.
  • Cutlvated Content™ – Drive progress with the right messages and content, optimized via the 5-step s.e.r.m.o. cycle™ (strategy, execution, results, measurement, optimization).
  • sermo.wire™ – Get the right information to the right people.
  • sermo.cast™ – Our signature podcast features insights and ideas from thought leaders.

A fresh approach

"Your vibe becomes your tribe." Strategic Storytelling™ via sermo.farm  is a unique, innovative and highly streamlined approach built for engaging audiences and advancing success in the new digital-driven, highly dynamic landscape of content.

It has advantages to replace and improve upon many traditional forms of strategic communications, delivering a complete range of full-service communications, public relations, information transfer, media and marketing agency services.  Everything we do is carefully tailored to drive high-value results, powered by our unique strength in Cultivated Content™.

Got the right content? We can help. 

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